Ayold innovates through developing a global online coatings platform.

About Ayold...


Ayold delivers an online coatings platform spread across 50 unique coating domain names and over 250 product specific domain names. With a reach of millions of people and potential business around the world, Ayold is the global leading online coatings platform. Besides companies looking for online awareness and business opportunities, Ayold also offers an international careers platform for talent search in the coatings and chemical industry. The Ayold agency assists end customers with projects from start to finish.

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Coating Platform

Powered by more than 50 unique coating domain names and over 250 product specific domain names, each optimized for lead and business opportunities.

Coating Jobs

Careers in the coating and chemical industry is more growing than ever. Place all open positions on our coating jobs platform for global reach and talent search.

Coating application

Our global online platform gives you the opportunity to present your application services globally or in a regional area.

Coating Agency

The Ayold agency can help you getting the right coating product and manufacturer for your project. Our team of experts can even assist with advice and expertise.

Ayold is founded in 2014 and developed an online platform on which coating manufacturers can present them self globally with minimal effort. This online platform gives big and small coating manufacturers the opportunity to fully utilize the power of online without investing in online marketing to generate new business across the globe. Contact us now for more information.